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Being a Freelance web designer gives you a feeling of flexibility and freedom. You know that freelancing means you work independently and solely depending upon your own talents and inputs. As we now know that the potential income in the virtual world is limitless. You know that there are many benefits to working for your own. The benefits lies in the fact that you have your own time and home to work at. Here's what you need to know before you decide.

I as freelancer have always dreamt of having my own business and home and surrounding where there is no one around bossing me, I know these feeling will only last after I get married :P. But as been in a career we always see that we are the boss we have employee around our own office and so many other. These feeling of me have made me inspire to do freelancing and work in a firm as well as at home. I always was a techky geek guy during my school times where in others were busying being on girls :P.

I had a computer in school which i had saw for the first time and things went weird from than that it have effected my life as people see now.

Days after days i used to previously play games, and do painting as every normal teen might be curious about. Then I entered in higher secondary school wherein I got to know more about the IT field, the programming languages, the coding and ofcourse the logic.

I was strongly willed to make an entrance to Engineering college I had got it easily then , but after that my life took a somersault. Engineering was way too different and tedious as a learning purpose. We friends usually I had got many ATKTs. Touch wood i thought exams sucks. But believe me through my golden opportunity to pass was such a magical experience that in my fourth year I had more than 5 ATKTs I could manage to pass them all and instead with a distinction. That was the best achievement I thought i could gain in those days.

Later I entered into a firm as SEO wherein I thought at first was a pretty different apparently, later as time passed thanks to my quick learning skills and enthusiasm that i could manage to make more than 10 websites optimized with more than five keywords. But to some misfortune I could not continue there. Later I again got a job in SEO and I was lately positioned as Team Leader in SEO field and won many appreciations from my colleagues too. Lately I have interest in development of Windows app and Website designing and thus I started this freelancing business and now within years I am successfully delivering quality products to my clients.

So if you think now you know much more about me than you :P Don't forget to send me a mail. Saying I like you buddy ! :)

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