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SEO ( Search Engine Optimization )

search engine optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) cannot be defined so easily as designing, coding, scripting or programming an entire site. When we do keywords searching in the search engines we effectively get web search results for the selected key-phrases, as there are several techniques or keys to use in order to do effectively Search Engine Optimization. There are main four keys that can be useful for gaining the best outcome of SEO and they are in the following sentences


The content of our webpages is the most crucial way to run the SEO play on grounds. A common mistake that are made by the SEO experts is that they stuff too much of keywords in there webpages to gain more attention from the keyword targeted audience. By doing so one not only let things too boring for the reader as well as lead an unnatural ways for the reputation of the website to let down. That doesn't mean one should not completely avoid using keywords but also take care of them to balance them proportionality inside their pages of website.

Next, it is important to use the proper use of heading tags around the page, which is also know as h1 tags. It is used to define and hold the importance of the content page, and also for proper document layout. Whether is it Web pages or a newspapers, every written article should be defined with proper heading. This way I, Freelance SEO Mumbai take care of the meta tags that are wrapping the SEO importance in my optimized websites.


Your URL is indispensable in order to use Search engine optimization. Ideal URLs are shortened and simple to read. The more its short, the more its better. Short web urls are always top on the popularity ranks because they are easy to reckon, and there is a low chance of mistyping. Positioning keywords in the URL is needed for your website and highlighting your brand name in URL is equally important. Freelance SEO Mumbai helps you to get SEO friendly URLs to give best results for your website rankings.

Meta Tags

Meta Tags are leveled so that the search engines are able to list your site in their indexes in more accurately manner. Meta Tags provide the webpages ability to control its individuality and this is how some search engines describe its web pages. Due to the continuous abuse and manipulation of the Meta Keyword Tags by webmasters, some of the search engines don't support it anymore. Regardless, it is though important to use an effective title and description tags. To put it simple and short, if you are trying to rank for the keyword "SEO Mumbai," you must ensure that those words are contained within both the title and meta descriptions.


Search engines do not just look at the contents on your website, they also look for pictures, graphics, videos, background, media etc. The media on the webpage increases user engagement and help to get more traffic.

By following each of these steps or vital points for SEO, when building your website, you will be able to do an effectively use Search Engine Optimization and gain higher rankings on search engine websites.

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